· A staff made of 100% qualified native-speakers of English

· An average of 10 years of experience per teacher
Why Singular?


·  4 students per group

· Over 15 hours of complimentary activities per month

Max. 4 students per group

Singular provides a welcoming and supportive learning space. Our small group size allows us to maximise student-talk-time and offer each student personalized support.

Skilled and experienced teachers

We believe that qualified staff is a synonym for quality education. Due to this, we work with experienced, skilled, and specialized teachers from native-English speaking countries.

Complimentary conversation classes

These classes demonstrate Singular’s compromise with English language learning. Not only can students interact with different teachers, but it also allows them to be exposed to their different accents.

students per group
qualified native-speakers of English
years of experience per teacher
hours of complimentary activities per month

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Singular's Team

Student feedback

Our collaborations

Singular and the BCA have jointly set up the BCA Summer Camp together, an English camp staffed with professionals from both companies. Singular also helps future BCA students reach the required level of English.

Singular collaborates with the “Fundació Privada Tutelar” by providing classes to the Foundation’s members at no charge.

Singular makes donations through Good Gifts, an NGO, which allows users to help those in need in the form of gifts, such as school supplies for children in India or solar lamps for villages in Africa.

Thanks to our collaboration with English Exams Lab, Singular’s students are able to access the platform’s more than 3,000 Cambridge-format exercises, at a reduced price.